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Pink Future: An Amazing Couple on a Mission



It was June 16th, 2015, at 8:00 am when Jason and Marilyne, a young couple from Quebec, set off on their 950-km bike journey. Their point of departure was Saint-Sacrement Hospital in Quebec City and their final destination was Princess Margaret Hospital, in Toronto. With nothing but their packs, they took off, together, with one mission in mind: raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

The reason they set off on this adventure is simple; both, Marilyne and Jason’s Mothers battled breast cancer. It was in Saint-Sacrement Hospital that Marilyne’s Mother fought until her passing on August 17th, 2014. Whereas Jason’s Mother spent months fighting in Princess Margaret Hospital where she passed away on May 7th, 2010. Their goal was to connect the dots, as they departed from hospital to the other, in honour of these amazing women. In Jason and Marilyne’s words, “It was a journey of spirit, determination and hope not only for these two women, but for the unfortunate reality of millions of others fighting.” (Pink Future) An amazing feat that this couple can proudly say that they’ve accomplished.

Pink Future Couple

Now what?

As millions of women struggle as they fight breast cancer, Pink Future hopes to encourage the women and become a source of inspiration for years to come. This July (2016), they’ll be taking off again. Only, this time, the journey will be reversed, as the couple plans to travel from Toronto to Quebec City. That’s over 1000 km peddled, in the hopes of raising funds that can go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. To date, they’ve raised $4, 435 and wish to raise even more. Their donations page is managed and operated by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and all donations go directly to supporting them. Each donation received not only inspires Jason and Marilyne to peddle harder, but it will also help support their goal of one day finding a cure.


If you’d like to donate to Jason and Marilyne’s cause, click here!

You can also check out their Pink Future website and follow their adventure on Facebook!



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