Meet the CycleMap Team's Newest Addition: Vincent - CycleMap Meet the CycleMap Team's Newest Addition: Vincent - CycleMap

Meet the CycleMap Team’s Newest Addition: Vincent

CycleMap Team Vincent

Yay! It’s Friday and we’re thrilled to announce that we now have a new addition to the CycleMap Family! Meet Vincent, our awesome Programmer. We’re super happy to have him on board. Yes, another guy added to the team! Looks like I’m still a lone wolf here, but that’s okay! This morning I came in extra early, just so that I could snoop a little. I wanted to know a little bit more about him before he arrived. (Don’t tell, but I even stole a pic from his Facebook page. #HadToBeDone #SorryNotSoSorry) Anyways, back to my covert operation in the CycleMap headquarters; look what I found this morning…

CycleMap Boys

CycleMap Team Vincent




Apparently, he’s quite the Patriots fan! He’s got a mini football, Patriots hoody, a Senators mug, and a flowery glass?! (C’mon dude, lose the flowers… You’re ruining your whole ”macho” vibe!) Just kidding. The Patriots are an awesome Hockey team. (They’re a Hockey team, right?!)




CycleMap Team Vincent

CycleMap Team Vincent



By the looks of his computer, I’m also guessing that he’s not the most ”careful” person. (Do you see all of that duct tape?! What the heck happened there!) Oh, and might I add that the computer screen is being held up by two  cleaning product bottles. (Seriously dude, buy yourself a decent computer!) Just kidding, this isn’t actually his computer. We wouldn’t want our mastermind working on that!





CycleMap Team Vincent



At least, I know he reads… He obviously came prepared! He must’ve read my previous article: This Is What Happens When You Work With Boys! because he’s got a fully loaded Nerf Gun on his desk. (Note to self: Watch your back; he might want to get back at you for writing this article. But then again, maybe not; I am a girl. I can use the ”girl card” since boys aren’t allowed to hurt girls.)

Lastly, I also noticed that he’s got an empty box of TimBits and candy bars right under his desk. I sure hope those aren’t all his. If that’s the case, he definitely has a mega sweet tooth! (Note to self: If you need to suck up, bring him donuts!)


CycleMap Team VincentAhh! Don’t worry… I’m just kidding with all of this! (Except the Patriots Fan part.) It’s all in good fun! Truthfully, Vincent is a laid-back guy, who enjoys Dark Sparrows, Dare Devil, and a nice Kilkenny brew. He’s really cool and he fits right in with our team! On a more serious note, we’re all really happy to have Vincent on our team. He’s got amazing skills when it comes to programming and he’s going to help us take CycleMap to the next level. All of those cool personalization features you guys have been looking forward to, well, he’s going to make it happen! 🙂 So cheers to that and…

Welcome to the CycleMap Team, Vincent!

-The Girl


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