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Life at CycleMap, Looking Back…

Here at CycleMap, 2015 has been an extremely rewarding year. Between our 3-month adventure in Boston seeking capital, our appearance on Dans l’Oeil du Dragon (Quebec’s version of Dragon’s Den/The Shark Tank), and our partnership with the Grand Prix Cyclistes in Montreal, we’ve sponsored the Défi Cycloventure, opened our doors to the public for the Start Up Open House hosted by J’entreprends Québec, and hired two new employees along the way. In other words, we’ve gone from 4 to 6 employees total, which also means that we’ve had to move to a larger space -not once, but TWICE, throughout the year! We’ve basically gone from being crammed inside a tiny 100 square-feet “closet”, to a somewhat larger “walk-in closet” space, to finally having our awesome, spacious office that we now call home.

CycleMap Looking Back Closet


CycleMap Looking Back Office

Our new office space is just right! We’ve got enough space for our desks (and enough space for multiple screens on our desk #seb), some comfy couches to kick back on (thanks to #oli1’s super negotiating skills), a big screen tv (for our traditional Friday “Business & Beer” presentations, where we taste new beer and try to share what we’ve been up to in under 20 mins #jules), a video game console (for our intense video game sessions), a unicycle and nerf guns (for entertainment and challenge purposes #defi), and a library (filled with video games, not books). -Oh, and let’s not forget that thanks to #oli2 we’re also set up with a mind-blowing sound system, ’cause that’s just how we roll at CycleMap. We cool like that. (see picture below for validation)

CycleMap Looking Back Shades   

Now, those are just some of our 2015 highlights… What a busy year it’s been! As a special treat, we thought we’d share some more memorable moments with you. Remember…


Every 3 months, we get together and pull an all-nighter. We code, we develop, and we program non-stop like mad fools, just because we like it. We crank it up with AmpMe and get ourselves into the zone. During our last CycleMap Hack-a-thon, we actually came up with a cool concept for a CycleMap Game. It’s not complete, but what do you think? Is it something you’d try out?


Yes. We actually have a CycleMap Bike To Work Challenge going. Each person has been tracking the number of times that they’ve biked to work all year long. So far, mad props goes out to Seb, who actually unicycled a total of 12km to get to work one day. Don’t worry, he earned extra points for that one.


We did it! We actually made the front page of Le Soleil‘s newspaper. Click here to read the full article. By the way, that’s our awesome co-founders on the main page: David Boudreault and Olivier Carbonneau. To learn more about our team, check out our About Us page.


Okay, so the bear part isn’t true, but Oli did get lost once. It happened at the Défi Cycloventure event that we were sponsoring. He actually got lost, rode an extra 10 km, and managed to win first place in the race. Go figure?! Why did he get lost in the first place, you wonder? Well, the story is that he actually mapped the route out beforehand, to make sure that he knew exactly where he was going -but he kind of forgot that our app isn’t Android-ready yet… Ooopps! He had to wing it and figure it out on his own. (Don’t worry Android people, we’re working on it! 2016!)

Anyways, that’s enough looking back for now! Thanks to all of you bike fanatics who follow us and use our app. We really had an amazing year and we can’t wait to see what twenty sixteen brings our way! Cheers to you all and best wishes! Enjoy the holidays!

-The CycleMap Team

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