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How to Get Your Friends and Family Into Cycling

If you’re an avid bicycle rider you probably know the benefits of this passionate lifestyle that you’ve chosen to adopt. There really is nothing quite like a relaxing bike ride, although intense pedaling sessions reap plenty of rewards as well. Just like you’d rave about a popular local restaurant or an addictive TV series on Netflix, perhaps it’s time to call your friends and family out on their inactivity and get them into the biking life. Here’s how…

It’s Rewarding

If you’ve been biking regularly you’re probably experiencing a higher physical fitness capacity, more stamina, more mental clarity, a bigger appetite, deeper and more relaxing sleep, saving money, and many other benefits. Who wouldn’t want to benefit from all of this? Your friends and family would enjoy all of these perks too, so don’t be shy about informing them about the rewards that come with getting onto your bike.

Start Small

It’s likely that only a select few within your social network will be on board for an 8h day or 480-mile bike ride through the mountains. If you opt for intense rides, you might alienate people that were thinking about biking, but are too intimidated by the grandeur of your itinerary, especially if they’ve been off their bike for a while. Start small and go for smaller rides or treks to start. Once people are confident about their skills you can take them out for one of your intense rides.  

Go For “Fun Rides”

There may also be a sector of your circle that has no interest in getting into bike riding whatsoever. They may be into drinking beer though. So a ‘pedal pub’ type trip might be right up their alley. Exploring different taverns and restaurants might be more appealing to them. Explore new routes and try new spots. Make it fun. Don’t forget to celebrate biking holidays too, such as, “bike to work day” where co-workers might be down to try out. Once they realize how fun bike riding is they may be hooked – it only takes one fix to get you into the mix. Make it memorable.

Lend Them a Bike

Some people simply haven’t bought a bike since they’re about 13 years old. Lending them your bike might bring them back to those fun childhood memories and entice them into buying a bike of their own. Who knows? They may even discover a new passion for biking and make it a lifestyle.

Use Strength in Numbers

You and Tom might not enjoy biking together. You and Sally might not enjoy biking together either. But you, Tom, and Sally might have one of the best biking trips of all time as the “three muskateers.” You know what they say, three’s a company! Use the power of numbers to your advantage and pair it with an, “everybody else is going” to make your message even more powerful.


There you have it! Use these tips and you’re sure to recruit a couple of new members to your bike crew. Have you ever experienced a similar situation? How do you motivate your friends and family to go biking with you? Let us know in the comment section below. Have fun cycling with your friends and family!

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