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The Australian Outback: Cycling Down Under

Let’s face it. When you’re planning a cycling adventure, you want to go somewhere cool, right? You want a place that’s nothing like home; a place that will mesmerise your mind and fill it with a lifetime of memories. Have you ever been to Australia? More specifically, have you ever been to the Australian Outback? If not, you should really consider going there on your next bike trip. Imagine what you’ll experience! The red sands, the scorching sun, the dusty desolate deserts, the gigantic canyons, the imposing rock formations… the list goes on –and on. The Australian Outback is so impressive you’ll want to soak each and every little thing in, which is why there’s no better to way to experience it than on your bike.

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The Australian Outback: What to Expect

Sure Australia is amazing, but it’s also a little quirky. For instance, did you know…

  • The Outback covers most of Australia. In fact, it doesn’t even have a specific size, nor does it have a precise location. The term “Outback” is actually used to designate any of the sparsely populated regions of Australia. Interestingly enough, when tourists use the term “Outback”, they often refer to the region called “The Red Centre” which accounts for a very small portion of the Australian Outback.
  • The Outback covers such a large territory that it contains several climate zones, each with wide-ranging temperatures. For example, temperatures in the central desert regions can reach up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celcius) during the summer and drop to a bone-chilling 15 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 degrees Celcius) during the winter. It’s best to be prepared when you’re exploring!
  • The Outback is truly remote. Although several highways intersect this terrain, only a small number of Australian’s inhabit the region. Small towns are scattered throughout the land and are considerably distanced from one another. A network of dirt roads also decorates the landscape.
  • The largest employment sectors are the mining industry, agriculture, and tourism.

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Speaking of tourism… you’re planning to explore Australia’s rugged terrain, right?

If that’s the case, you should really consider checking out Remote Outback Cycle Tours. According to Terry Cole, Director of Remote Outback Cycle Tours, they’ve been offering amazingly unique adventures since 1993. Their approach takes touring to a whole new level. Forget about the traditional bus tours and ”typical” cycling routes; this place is for adventurers who crave more. From mountain biking to 4-wheel driving to fully-catered mountain bike camping tours, Remote Outback Cycle Tours will surely leave you wanting more. With 9 amazing tours to choose from, you can expect a memorable and hassle-free holiday experience. With these guys, you can visit any of these breathtaking locations, and more…

What’s great about Remote Outback Cycling Tours, is that you can adapt your trip to your needs and go at your own pace, ”You decide how far you ride.” Regardless of your ability level, you can venture off into the Australian Outback to explore. To compare the tours and see which one is best suited to your needs, click right here. Or you can even give the Remote Outback Cycling Tours guys a shout. They’re a great bunch of enthusiastic Aussies who will gladly take care of setting you up with an awesome cycling trip.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to hit the trails in the Australian Outback? Give us a shout if you’re planning on heading that way and don’t forget to use #CycleMapped to share your experience with the CycleMap community. We can’t wait to see where you go! Keep us posted!

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