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5 Must-Have Cycling Apps You Should Download!

Every day, more and more people are turning to cycling for various reasons. For some it’s a matter of becoming more eco-friendly, for others it’s a fun activity or sport, and for an increasing number, it’s become a lifestyle.

As cycling continues to grow, it’s become more accessible. Many cities are now set-up with bike sharing services, well-maintained bike paths are increasingly prominent, and healthy lifestyle campaigns are being launched all around the world. Given our technological tendencies, many cycling apps have been developed in the past years. From fitness tracking apps to bike repair apps, these digital tools have been designed to simplify cycling and encourage users to get out there and bike.

Of the hundreds of apps that exist out there, we’ve hand-picked 5 of our favorite cycling apps, which should make your cycling lifestyle that much more efficient and that much more fun! If we’ve forgotten any of your favorites, please let us know in the comments!


CycleMap 5 Apps


Discover the world on your bike with CycleMap! With CycleMap, uncover worldwide coverage of bike paths and trails around the world and access them anytime -even when you’re offline. Thanks to Route Magic, the app will even suggest points of interest that are along your way, such as scenic routes, rest stops, bathrooms, bike shops, bike sharing stations, and much much more. Or, you can even search for your own points of interests too. The data is constantly updated, so no need to worry about anything. CycleMap even provides its users with real-time data when it comes to bike-sharing station availabilities. Everything you need, right in your back pocket! How’s that for a cycling app?!

CycleMap 5 Apps

CycleMap 5 Apps


SizeMyBike is actually the very first bike fitting app of its kind. With as little as 6 essential body measurements and bike preferences, the app can determine the ideal bike setup for you and your family. Increase your performance, prevent unnecessary injuries, and above all, be comfortable when you hop onto your ride. Download SizeMyBike and get the perfect fit!


CycleMap 5 Apps

CycleMap 5 Apps

Bike Doctor

Now you can leave home worry-free knowing that you can repair your bike yourself if anything happens. The Bike Doctor app takes you through any bike repair step-by-step. On your smartphone screen, simply tap on the problematic zone and follow the instructions. This app is so easy to use and visually interactive that anybody (even a complete beginner) can repair their own bike with ease. It’s like having a personal mechanic on hand at all times. You can’t get any better than this!


CycleMap 5 Apps


First Aid for Cyclists

It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. With the Saint-John Ambulance First Aid for Cyclists app you can access tons of practical tips that will teach you how to turn your cycling equipment into ready-to-use first aid kit. The app features the most common cycling injuries (head injuries, cuts, muscular injuries…) and aims to teach cyclists how to deal with these injuries when they’re on the go. Knowing how to respond to some of these injuries can sometimes make the difference in a life or death situation. Know how to respond and be ready!


CycleMap 5 Apps

CycleMap 5 Apps

Weather Bug

Let’s face it. It’s important to keep track of the weather when you’re biking. You should know when to pack that rain jacket and when to wear those extra layers. With the Weather Bug app you can easily keep tabs on what’s happening anywhere. This app features daily morning and afternoon forecasts for the up and coming 7 days, which include temperature, humidity factors, and precipitation levels. The interactive maps allow users to zoom into their area of interest to view how they should prepare for their next cycling adventure.


Well, that’s all for now, folks! Let us know what you think and don’t forget to share your favorite biking apps with us in the comment section below! If you enjoyed this article, feel free to share it with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. Thanks!


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